About BioInvent

BioInvent in brief

BioInvent is a research-based pharmaceutical company focused on discovery and development of innovative antibody-based drugs against cancer. BioInvent also develops antibody-based drugs in collaboration with partners who finance the development of new drugs and provide BioInvent with the right to milestone payments and royalties on sales.

Our drug development programmes are supported by our human antibody development platform. This consists of a proprietary antibody library, n-CoDeR®, and in-house technology for the rapid selection, screening and identification of antibodies with excellent affinity and selectivity for targets.

BioInvent has a high level of competence in antibody drug discovery, preclinical and clinical development. We have many years' experience in process development and antibody manufacturing, which we carry out at our own facilities. Alongside our in-house and partnered drug-development programmes we offer antibody discovery and development services to customers.

BioInvent's business model and technology platform have been validated through numerous partnerships. These include agreements with Bayer Pharma, Daiichi Sankyo, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma, Servier and others.

BioInvent employs around 40 people and is based in Lund, Sweden. The Company was listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm in 2001.