Business Strategy

The foundation for value creation is the BioInvent’s patented technology platforms F.I.R.S.T.™ and n-CoDeR®, combined with the Company’s considerable expertise in preclinical and clinical development, and in the production of immuno-oncology drugs. This enables the Company to launch and run its own projects, but significant revenues can also be generated from customers who want access to BioInvent’s platforms and knowhow to indentify drug candidates for their own projects.

Risk management

BioInvent focuses on developing antibodies for the treatment of haematological cancers. In this area, the Company can use the extensive knowledge it has built up of the biological aspects of producing new antibody-based drug candidates. As early as in the early development phase, by recreating the disease biology in a laboratory setting, it is possible to get an indication of the effects of different substances. This increases the possibility of producing competitive drug candidates and reduces the risk of failure in clinical phases.

BioInvent seeks development partners with complementary expertise for research projects in relatively early development phases to reduce the financial risk. The outlicensing objective is to retain significant value in the project through active, competitive project marketing initiatives aimed at a broad group of potential licensees.

BioInvent's revenue model

According to BioInvent’s business model, the Company generates revenues in the following ways:

  • Development partners pay to buy into one of the Company’s drug projects.
  • Customers pay to use BioInvent’s technology themselves for their drug development.
  • Customers pay BioInvent to execute development projects.

Revenue streams come from:

  • Cash payments when agreements are signed.
  • R&D milestone payments when projects pass a predetermined milestone.
  • Research funding for development work carried out.
  • Royalties, involving a percentage of sales of an approved product.
  • Revenue from sales of approved products in the markets where the Company has retained market rights or shares market rights with relevant partners.