Corporate Citizenship

At BioInvent, we are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen by improving the ways in which our business activities have a social, environmental and economic impact.


- BioInvent is dedicated to providing a stimulating and nurturing environment for all our employees
Our employment policies exceed those required by Swedish Employment law; for example, we offer our employees private medical insurance in addition to what is required by the Collective agreement. For employees who have had the misfortune to be on long-term sick leave, we have invested in preventative measures and rehabilitation programmes to facilitate a smooth transition back to work. We also offer our employees an annual contribution towards wellness activities (e.g. gym membership).

In order to be successful, we need to continually offer training and on-going professional and personal development. All our employees benefit from regular reviews, feedback and knowledge sharing between teams.

Our business is global, and our workforce is diverse, with employees from several different countries and female employees represent 65 percent of our total workforce.

Health and Safety

- BioInvent is committed to achieving and maintaining high standards of Health and Safety.
Our Health and Safety committee, which is also represented by senior management, meets annually following an entire internal review and audit of our Health and Safety practices. Plans and protocols are reviewed and objectives set for the future. External Health and Safety inspections have always successfully met the required, stringent criteria.


- BioInvent seeks to minimise the environmental impact of its business and scientific/research activities.
BioInvent works actively with environmental issues and the principles under the general rules of consideration in the Swedish Environmental Code are observed in the Company’s on-going operations. We consistently aim to reduce the use of substances that may be harmful to the environment and ensure that environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

Our operations require permits according to the Swedish Environmental Code. The Group has a permit in accordance with the Swedish Environmental Code for manufacturing of biological pharmaceutical substances, and reports are required to be submitted to Lund municipality.


- BioInvent works with its local scientific community, sharing resources, time and funds.
We participate in the local community at a variety of levels. Our senior and research staff is active in teaching at the University of Lund, and BioInvent regularly invites students to carry out research projects and gain laboratory experience at our premises.