Management Team

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    Michael Oredsson President and CEO

    Degree in International Business Administration from Lund University. Born 1960. Lives in Beddingestrand, Sweden. Employed since 2013. He was CEO of Probi AB 2007-2013. Former CEO of Biosignal in Australia, 2002-2007, and Nutripharma in Norway, 1999-2001. Before that he was responsible for building up Pharmacia’s OTC product division in Australia. He also held senior marketing positions at Nestlé and Mars Inc in Sweden, Germany and France. Member of the Board of SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

    Shareholding: 570,648

    Employee options: 8,219

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    Björn Frendéus Chief Scientific Officer

    Doctor of Immunology. Born 1973. Lives in Landskrona, Sweden. Employed since 2001. Graduated from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research funded Biomedicine programmes within the Infection & Vaccinology programme in 2001. Honorary Professor at University of Southampton.

    Shareholding: 311,972 (own and affiliated holdings)

    Employee options: 6,000

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    Per-Anders Johansson Senior Vice President, Technical Operations

    Master of Science, Chemistry. Born 1955. Lives in Kivik, Sweden. Employed since 1984. Over 25 years’ experience of process development and manufacturing of antibodies for clinical use. Quality assurance and GMP regulatory expertise.

    Shareholding: 250,300

    Employee options: 6,000

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    Anna Wickenberg Vice President, Clinical Development

    PhD in Medical Sciences, Immunology, and MSc in Molecular Biology. Born in 1974. Lives in Lund, Sweden. Employed since 2015 and responsible for the clinical development. She has 15 years of experience of leading clinical development projects from various positions at Teva Pharmaceuticals, NeuroSearch, and AstraZeneca. Most recently, Anna was responsible for the clinical development of new chemical entities in an orphan indication within CNS at Teva.

    Shareholding: 231 348

    Employee options: -