Our mission is to generate value for shareholders by building a sustainable portfolio of clinical development projects and, over time, successfully launching several innovative drugs.

In order to maximise the value of the Company we plan to:

  • Commercialise product candidates in co-operation with partners.
  • Retain rights to individual geographic markets for particular products where we consider that it would be feasible to establish a competitive sales and marketing force.
  • Broaden and expand our product portfolio to create more opportunities for generating successful products and increasing the likelihood of commercial success for the Company as a whole.
  • Gain access to innovative target proteins and/or projects from external research groups and use these as a basis for generating novel therapeutics using our proprietary technology platform.

Our revenues include licence fees, milestone payments, compensation of manufacturing and royalties on sales derived from our co-operation agreements around our product candidates. We also generate income by providing discovery development to our customers.

We expect to achieve sustainable profitability as soon as one of our products reaches the market. However, profits may be reported in certain years before this as projects reach key milestones that trigger payments from partners.

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