Presentation of partnerships

BioInvent has several existing partnerships with top-class biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and is keen to expand on these partnership programmes. 

Through research and development collaborations with selected industry and academic partners, BioInvent is able to tap into world-leading expertise in areas that are key to the Company's success.

By providing our expertise in antibody discovery and manufacturing to world-leading companies, BioInvent receives significant revenues. Such partners have included Bayer Pharma, Daiichi Sankyo, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma and Servier.

  • Bayer Pharma

    Identification and development of antibody-based products with the help of the n-CoDeR® library, and a licence for the n-CoDeR® library. The original agreement was for the development of up to 14 antibody-based thera­peutic products. The original agreement from 2008 for the development of antibody-based therapeutic products was extended in 2013.


  • Daiichi Sankyo Company

    Licensing and research agreement for the development of therapeutic antibodies aimed at several target proteins, using the n-CoDeR® library. The agreement gives BioInvent certain rights to market products in Scandi­navia and the Baltic countries.

  • Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation

    Discovery and development of antibody products using the n-CoDeR® library. The agreement allows for up to eight therapeutic antibody products to be developed.

  • Pfizer

    Cancer immunotherapy research collaboration and license agreement to develop antibodies targeting tumour-associated myeloid cells. Pfizer will have the right to develop and commercialize any antibodies generated to an undisclosed number of tumour-associated myeloid cell targets. BioInvent will leverage its cancer biology expertise, combined with its unbiased translational drug discovery approach (“F.I.R.S.T.™”), to identify novel oncology targets and therapeutic antibodies

  • Servier

    Collaboration on the development of an antibody against a target structure relevant to tumour cell metabolism. Servier has contracted with BioInvent to select antibodies from the Company’s n-CoDeR® antibody library. Servier, which is providing the target structure, will also have access to BioInvent’s preclinical expertise in optimising antibody candidates for further clinical development. Collaboration between the parties was intensified in 2013.