The first monoclonal antibody drug to treat cancer was launched almost twenty years ago (Rituxan, 1997). Since then the interest for, and research about, antibody-based cancer drugs have grown rapidly.

BioInvent operates in a market that is based on antibody-based drugs in the field of oncology, focused on haematological or blood cell cancer. The market for antibody-based drugs is considered one of the strongest segments in the research-based pharmaceutical industry.

Over the past few years, BioInvent has accumulated considerable knowledge and experience in cancer biology and tumour immunology, both in preclinical and clinical research. Since 2012 BioInvent’s research has been focused on various types of haematological cancer and immunmodulatory therapies, i.e. using antibodies with the ability to activate the patient’s own immune defences to fight cancer.

At BioInvent, we have used our technology F.I.R.S.T™ based on BioInvent's antibody library n-CoDeR®, to identify several antibodies that can selectively recognise cancer cells and trigger their death through different  processes (e.g. apoptosis, ADCC and phagocytosis). This search also identified a number of novel targets for causing cancer cell death. BI-505 targeting ICAM-1 has been identified through this process and is now being developed for the treatment of multiple myeloma.