Biological and Preclinical Expertise

Our preclinical research is aimed at expanding our portfolio of drug candidates, primarily in the field of antibody-based drugs against cancer. BioInvent has accumulated a significant body of experience of relevant disease models within cancer biology and tumour immunology.

In our preclinical research, we use models to identify the most effective and potent antibody candidates, while extensively investigating the expected safety and tolerability of the antibody, based on the biology of the disease and the mechanism of action of the antibody.

When it comes to the area of cancer, research is focused on antibodies that are highly effective at killing tumour cells through apoptosis as well as activation of the body’s own immune defence cells.

The F.I.R.S.T.™ platform, which is particularly well suited for identification of antibodies against cancer, enables BioInvent to actively search for new drug candidates for the treatment of various haematological cancers.

BioInvent is working with leading Swedish and international academic teams with the objective of developing antibodies based on new therapeutic concepts for the treatment of serious haematological and solid cancers.

Together with Cancer Research Technology in the UK, BioInvent aims to identify new drugs within the field of oncology. The research is focused on developing function-modulating antibodies against tumour-associated macrophages (TAM), a type of macrophage with oncogenic, or cancer-stimulating, effect.

Macrophages are dynamic cells, which depending on the signals from the environment, can assume both tumour-driving (TAM) and tumour-suppressing (classical macrophages) properties and functions. Antibody-mediated “training” of macrophages with tumour suppressor function is therefore a very attractive therapeutic concept and represents an area of research in which BioInvent and its partners are at the cutting edge.

At present, BioInvent has collaborations with Bayer Healthcare, Servier, Daiichi Sankyo and Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma, as well as on-going discussions with a number of potential partners.