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Apr 6-7, 2020, Longwood Annual Spring Meeting MIT 2020, Cambridge, USA

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BioInvent develops the next generation of immuno-oncology therapies

BioInvent is generating value for shareholders by employing its antibody and cancer biology expertise to identify antibodies with novel mechanisms-of-action and novel oncology targets. The Company employs this approach to generate therapeutic immuno-modulating antibodies that can be developed for a broad range of cancer indications. The Company plans to bring these antibodies to the clinic through its own resources and together with partners.

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Immuno-oncology - a revolution in cancer treatment

The body’s immune defense is one of the most effective weapons to fight cancer. Development of new immuno-oncology drugs directing the immune defense against the tumour is expected to revolutionize the treatment.



Antibody therapy in focus

Pharmaceutical companies all around the world are working intensely to find antibodies that can counteract tumours growth and promote immune responses against cancer.



Five focus areas for our value creation

BioInvent develops antibody drugs that are effective, yet do not obstruct the normal functions of cells in the rest of the body. We aim to make cancer patients survive longer and improve their quality of life. Our business strategy is based on five solid pillars.


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How to reach us

Located within the Ideon Science Park, Sweden, we are easy to access by road and air.

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Two ongoing programs in Phase l/ll clinical trials for the treatment of hematological cancer and solid tumors, respectively.


A collaboration with Pfizer Inc. for the development and commercialization of new antibody therapies directed towards tumor associated myeloid cells.


BioInvent is currently developing antibodies specific for currently undetermined Treg targets and functions as well as for known targets.


Partnership with Transgene to develop oncolytic viruses expressing an anti-CTLA-4 antibody to treat solid tumors.


BioInvent has identified TNFR2, a member of the so called TNFR superfamily as a target within the Treg program.

Our tools for successful drug development



In an automated process, we select new drug candidates from our own antibody library – one of the largest in the world.


Our unique and patented development tool has the advantage of simultaneously identifying disease-associated targets and antibodies that bind to them.


Our cGMP certified manufacturing site provides antibodies for in-house project development, as well as for external customers.


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