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Scientific advisory board

Mark Cragg, Professor of Experimental Cancer Research within Medicine at the University of Southampton and is director of the i4PhD Cancer Immunology Pathway. Dr. Cragg’s group is interested in two main areas - antibodies and small molecule inhibitors with the aim of understanding how these therapeutics function to delete tumor cells and how they might be augmented.

Stephen Beers, Professor of Immunology and Immunotherapy in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton. His research group focusses on the mechanisms of action of monoclonal antibodies in the  treatment of cancer and the impact of the tumor microenvironment on efficacy.

Falk Nimmerjahn, Professor in experimental immunology and immune therapy at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg. Leading scientist within Fc:FcgR biology and its impact on the therapeutic efficacy and tolerability of antibodies.

Rienk Offringa, Professor at the German Cancer Research Center. Head of a European consortium engaged in immune stimulating anti-cancer antibodies. Formerly Principal Scientist at Genentech.

Alexander Rudensky, Chair of the Immunology Program at Sloan Kettering Institute. Dr Rudensky is a world-leading scientist within the area of regulatory T-cells, specialized in CD4-T cell regulation and homeostasis, and its role in autoimmunity and cancer.

Alexander Eggermont, Professor of Oncology (Utrecht, Netherlands), Chief Scientific Officer (Princess Maxima Center, Netherlands) and Strategic advisor for DKFZ (Germany). Professor Eggermont has pioneered clinical translation of antibody-based immune checkpoint blockade in Cancer.

The main task of the Scientific Advisory Board is to provide BioInvent with valuable input in its effort to develop new antibody treatments for various forms of cancer diseases. The Scientific Advisory Board brings together a wealth of knowledge in the areas of antibody and cancer immunobiology relevant to anti-cancer drug development.

BioInvent’s Chief Scientific Officer, Professor Björn Frendéus, has been appointed Secretary of the Scientific Advisory Board.